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Good bacteria can Strengthen
your Immune System-H&B

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Young children are especially susceptible to infection. This is because the immune system in young children has not fully matured, therefore their immune system can not offer sufficient protection from the viruses and bacteria that they are in contact with. Especially upon entering preschool or kindergarten, a child’s immune system suddenly encounters a large number of very different pathogens and is simply overtaxed. Therefore, it is not uncommon to see a child suffering from infection 6-12 times a year. Of course this is all part of growing up, but as parents, we want to do our utmost to help ensure that their immune system is constantly at its best. This is why a daily supplementation of good bacteria Imustrong can help as part of a healthy balanced diet together with teaching them basic hygiene practices. Click here to find out how Imustrong provides immune support.

Being an adult can be a challenge! Juggling between job, family and all the stresses of modern life. Many of us take on more than body and soul can cope with. Scientific studies show that stress can weaken our defence system. Stress has been strongly associated with increased susceptibility to illnesses, especially respiratory tract infections. Imustrong when taken daily as part of a balanced diet helps to strengthen your natural defences helping you to cope better with everyday challenges. Click here to find out how Imustrong provides immune support.

As we age, our immune system ages too. Therefore, immune response would not be as good and as efficient. As a result, infectious diseases such as respiratory tract infection and gastrointestinal infection occur more frequently in elderly and much more severe than younger people. However, at this age, there is still so much to life, travelling to see the world and to see grandkids growing up. Imustrong can help to strengthen your natural defences and help you stay healthy! Click here to find out how Imustrong provides immune support.