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Good bacteria can Strengthen
your Immune System-H&B

  How does Imustrong work?
  1. Imustrong is formulated without taste so you can add it to any of your favourite beverage (as long as it is not hot) or can be mixed with soft food eg yoghurt, custard
  2. Imustrong bacteria pass through the esophagus to reach the stomach and then the duodenum where the bacteria survive the harsh condition of gastric juices and bile acids. Hence, sufficient amount of these bacteria arrive in the intestinal tract where 70% of our immune system is located.
  3. This is our inner human intestinal tract and it has 3 levels of immune defence, intestinal microflora, intestinal lining and intestinal immune system. Imustrong work on these 3 levels of defence.
  4. 1st defence level – Intestinal microflora
    The intestinal microflora consist of 100 trillion bacteria from 400 different species that forms a dense layer to protect against bad bacteria colonization. Ingestion of Imustrong bacteria helps tohelps to displace bad bacteria by competing for nutrition with bad bacteria and by producing antimicrobial factors such as lactic acid and bacteriocin
  5. 2nd defence level – Intestinal lining
    Our Intestinal lining has a surface area of the tennis court and these lining helps to prevent bad bacteria from penetrating. Imustrong helps to strengthen the function of the intestinal lining.
  6. 3rd level – Intestinal immune system
    Our intestine immune system also known as Gut associated lymphoid tissue is our biggest immune organ where 70% of our immune system is. Imustrong can help increase the activity of the intestinal immune system by stimulating antibody production and helps optimize the function of the intestinal immune system.
  7. Taken daily, Imustrong can help strengthen your body’s natural defences.